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As a member of staff of the school it very likely that at some point you will want to buy something for use in school.  This can be anything from pencils for your classroom to inviting a Puppet Company into school do do a performance.  Basically anything which costs money and which will be paid for from the school's budget.

As you are no doubt aware all of, our spending has to be closely monitored to ensure that our budget is used in the best possible way to enhance the children's education and create a pleasant environment in which this can happen.  Tracey, the school governors, the City Council and the school Auditors have the difficult task of ensuring that this happens correctly, for this reason you absolutely must speak to either Tracey or Michelle before you take any action which will result in school spending.  Please read the section below which explains how to spend money!

Stock Purchase

If you require resources for your classroom or for you curriculum area then please fill out a Stock Requisition Form (downloadable below or availalble in the office).  Please ensure that you fill out the area which is to be charged to correctly and make sure that it signed either by Janet, Tracey or the owner of the curriculum budget.  The catalogues for the suppliers which we commonly use are in the PPA room.  Classroom budgets will be given in May/June to obtain your supplies for the following year.

Goods on approval - please do not order goods on approval under any circumstances -  if goods arrive without prior order and authorisaton - delivery will be refused.

 Stock Requisition Form

Petty Cash

There will be occasions whre the best way to buy the item you require is for you to pay for it and to claim the funds back.  Purchases of up to £50 can be made this way.  Please fill out the Petty Cash form and attach the receipts for the goods and return it to the school office for a refund.

 Petty Cash Claim Form

Training Course Booking

This procedure must be followed even if the Senior Management Team have approved your course.
Please fill out a Course Requisition Form and return it to the office.  It must be signed by a member of the Senior Management Team.  If supply will be required when you are on the course then please ensure that you inform Tracey of this.

 Course Requisition Form

External Service Providers

This includes anything which will cost money and will result in an invoice which must be paid for by the school.  It would include sports coaches coming to coach the children or a company coming in to do a special assembly.  These are likely to be things which have been booked over the phone and not ordered formally. 

 External Provider Requisition Form

Please bear in mind that if you do not follow these procedures correctly then you are personally liable for the resulting invoice!!!!!  You may think that we are being overly officious but the school can be in trouble if we do not follow the correct guidelines.  Below is copy of the school's Purchase to Pay Policy.

 Purchase to Pay Policy

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