Year 6 2022 - 2023

Year 6 2022-2023

Year 6 is currently taught by Gill Day, Kimberley Johnson and Roisin Carroll. We will be ably supported throughout the year by Sarah Smith, Amanda Turner, Alison Hann and other support staff. PPA time will be covered by LSC, Mr Lee and Mrs Turner. Mrs Day is Assistant Head for UKS2, Mrs Carroll is UKS2 SENDCo and Miss Johnson is EAL and Equalities lead. 

Article 28 Children have the right to a good quality education. They should be encouraged to achieve to the highest level they can. 

Here are a few reminders about the school day with reference to the

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

School times

Start of day: Gates open at 8.40 for an 8.50 register

End of day: Gates open 15.15

Morning Routine

  • You will enter and exit school through a new gate on Cavendish Road at the front of school.
  • In the mornings, your child will come into school independently.
  • If your child has any valuables (e.g. phones, keys or money) they should be handed to an adult at the gate and will be put in a locked cupboard and kept safe throughout the day. Please minimise any valuables – mobile phones should only be brought to school if your child is walking on their own.
  • Phones are not to be used or turned on in the playground or anywhere on the school premises.
  • Lunch boxes should be placed on a lunch trolley near the hall.
  • Snacks are kept in the classroom until break time (more information below).
  • Any latecomers must go to the office for a ticket to give to their teacher so that we know they have received their attendance mark. It is essential that your child arrives on time as we begin teaching promptly at 8.50am.
  • At the end of the day, your child will be brought to the exit at 3:20pm. If you are late picking them up, they will be taken by an adult to the office. We are aware that in Year 6, some children are starting to make their own way to and from school. We discuss this with the children at the start of the year and ask them to let an adult know during the day if there are changes to their normal routine.

Reading Books/Book Bags

  • Your child must bring their reading book, journal and book bag every Please check your child’s book bag for any letters. We do not have the space to store big bags and we appreciate your co-operation with providing your child with a school book bag.


Your child should wear the appropriate school uniform each day in order to maintain our high standards. Your child should wear school PE kit on their PE day. Please find below expectations for uniform at Cavendish Community Primary School and please ensure that every item is clearly named so any lost property can be returned.


School Uniform

PE Kit

Smart black shoes

Smart black/grey trousers/skirt

White polo top

Red jumper/cardigan

Red summer dress

Sports trainers

Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms

White t-shirt

Red jumper or cardigan

Children should not wear:

  • Jewellery except small stud earrings – these must be removed for all P.E. activities. If your child cannot remove their earrings by themselves, please take the earrings out before he/she comes to school.
  • Make up – including nail varnish
  • Jeans or sports clothing during the normal school day
  • High heeled shoes or flimsy sandals/flip flops

For the first Half Term, timetabled PE will be on a Thursday and Friday but there may be lunchtime or after school clubs on other days, requiring PE kit and we would expect your child to be aware of these and have the appropriate clothing. Class homework is usually given out on a Friday.

We do expect children to complete homework to the best of their ability and on time as part of their preparation for high school. If you feel that homework causes your child regular problems, please make an appointment with Mrs Day, Miss Johnson or Mrs Carroll to discuss how we can best support you and your child with this. We will visit the library regularly so your child should bring their books into school every day. 

Occasionally, we are offered opportunities to take the children to special events. If we think that these will enhance their learning they will be added in as additional activities and we will give you as much notice as possible that they are taking place.

Every year, Year 6 will have the opportunity to take part in a residential weekend at Robinwood. Outdoor and adventurous activity challenges are part of the national curriculum and so we encourage all children to attend.

In the Summer term, Year 6 will put on a school play. There will also be a barbeque in the last week as well as a final trip as a year group.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Article 3 - All adults should do what is best for children. When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children.

  • If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, then please see us at the end of the day. You may need to wait until all children have left. If it is urgent, then please speak to someone in the office. 
  • If you wish to talk about your child’s learning needs, Mrs. Hookes and Mrs Carroll are the SENDCos.
  • There will be parents’ evenings in October and February to discuss your child’s progress.

As we are preparing the children for high school, we expect them to take more responsibility for communicating everyday messages between home and school; however, an adult will be available at the gate in the morning and after school to discuss any other concerns.

Class Dojo will be available for communication from us to you from time to time and will be checked outside of lesson time. We will endeavour to reply to any messages promptly, but please be aware that we are teaching throughout the day so it may take a while for us to be able to read and respond to any occasional messages from you.  Anything of importance should be communicated to the office who will pass on any messages to the relevant staff member.


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