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At Cavendish, we value the views of our school community, especially our parents, carers and children.

We are developing a parent steering group as part of our journey in achieving the LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award). If you would like to get involved or have any questions, please contact Miss Evans (Deputy Head). 


Parent Survey March 2023

Trips and Visitors

According to your responses –

100% of you said that you think trips and visitors are important for enriching the curriculum & 75% of you thought that 2-3 trips per year would be appropriate.

We have planned for 2-3 trips for each year group per year linked to curriculum and learning. Watch this space for the exciting trips the teachers have planned!

You said the top 6 experiences were –

  1. Museums
  2. Outdoor adventure / farm countryside
  3. Geography fieldtrips
  4. Zoo
  5. Theatre
  6. Galleries

We will focus on these experiences in our plans for trips.

50% of you said that you would pay whatever the full cost of the trip up to £25.

22% of you said that £15 would be the maximum you would be happy to pay for a trip.

16% of you said that £20 would be the maximum you would be happy to pay for a trip.

We will consider this when setting payments and ensure that there is no limit set on School Gateway for those that wish to pay more.

97% of you said that you think PTA funds should be used to subsidise trips/visitors. 57% of you said that this should be for those that need it.

We will pass this on to the PTA and discuss at the next meeting.


Equality & Diversity - Parent Feedback October 2023

Your feedback (sample) –

I think Cavendish promotes equality & diversity effectively. It’s lovely to be part of the diverse community. Would be nice if parents could get involved with what the kids are doing more and be proud of it more!

Cavendish do a good job in educating the children about diversity and inclusion. They make sure understanding of different cultures is there and celebrated. They always reinforce that it’s good to have differences and not judge people in their skin colour, religion, beliefs etc.

I am happy that Cavendish is a very diverse school. I am happy that my children get to learn about different cultures and religions.

I was so pleased to see the Eid Fair this year. Even more diverse celebrations and fairs would be great.

School should mark international Women’s Day to promote Equality.

There are so many races and cultures at Cavendish – it would be wonderful to see them celebrated more with more displays.

Could you hold days where kids dress up or bring something in to represent their culture/ culture they are interested in.

More signs for disability and access please.

Children should visit the mosque to understand truly.

Celebrate even more religious festivals.

Our response –

  • Continue to develop and grow the Equality & Diversity team and action plan
  • Re-establish links with local religious communities to then allow the children to visit a variety of places of worship.
  • Develop the representation of cultures in our community through displays around school.
  • Audit the curriculum regularly to ensure the resources and figures studied are a diverse representation.
  • Continue to hold an annual Equality Day including a range of visitors to enhance the children’s learning around equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Continue to use our Equalities Scheme to develop as a community that is aware, acknowledges and is active in its goal to ensure inclusion, belonging and representation.


Connect, Share & Meet 

You said you would like more opportunities to connect with the Cavendish community (particularly after the restrictions of the pandemic). 

We have,

- invited parents in for class assemblies where chidlren have shared their learning and celebrated their achievements

- created a weekly Cavendish Coffee Morning

- held Come & Play sessions

- invited parents in for Awards Assemblies

- ran a volunteer scheme to support chidlren with reading across the school

- brought parents in for festvie fun and singalongs for Christmas time

- had whole school events such as performances, sports days, our Margaret Ashton mural unveiling and annual Eid celebration

- worked alongside the PTA hosting fantastic events such as the BONFIRE NIGHT, CAVENDISH CAROLS, SAUSAGE SIZZLE and much more!


Drop off and pick up

You said you wanted to come onto the school grounds during drop off and pick up to engage with fellow parents.

We have invited parents onto the allocated part of the school ground linked to each year group gate.

*Our decisions regarding drop off / pick up arrangements are based on the safeguarding of the children and the smooth transition for the children into the classroom - we appreciate your understanding and thank you for your co-operation with this.


Safety on roads and pavements around school

You informed us of the safety concerns you have regarding the road/pedestrian safety on Cavendish Road and Vicker Grove.

We have - 

  • informed the local authority who are planning to put in place bollards on Cavendish Road to ensure pedestrians are safer from passing cars.
  • plans to pave and fence an area outside the Rhodes building for parents to wait (for Y5&6 drop off / collection) instead of on the pavement
  • continued to be present on the gates on Vicker Grove
  • continued to invite parents onto the school ground space assigned to the allocated drop off/pick up gate.



You said that you would like more regular and detailed communication about key school information and individual class / child information.

We have - 

  • increased the information within the weekly newsletter including an updated diary section with important dates.
  • Shared profiles of our senior leadership team in the newsletter
  • updated the website to include an ‘Our Families’ section for parents/carers to navigate including a ‘School Communication’ page with details of how to get in touch.
  • Plans to update and improve the website with our provider.


Learning Updates

You said you would like more regular updates on your child’s learning.

We have,

  • planned for a termly learning newsletter where each year group will share what they have been learning. This will also feature on the school website.
  • Invited parents in for class assemblies where children share what they have been learning


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