Local History

There are some great advantages to the inclusion of local history into the curriculum.  It becomes relevant to the lives of the children, giving them an improved sense of identity and place through engagement with the ‘real thing’. 

Not only is local history a significant part of the primary National Curriculum but where we live and grow up is an important part of who  we are. 

The children in year six are stuying conflict and resolution, which compares and contrasts WW1 and WW2 and the changes that came about in our society because of these conflicts. 


We are lucky enough to have the original log books from when Cavendish opened as well as a record of some of our original Cavendish "brilliant citizens".  They are a fascinating read.  However, we have also been treated to some original artefacts from one of our year 6 families, dating back to before World War 1 with a wonderful anecdote.  


We have also received some great artefacts and photos relating to World Waw War 2.  There is a snuff box belonging to Elizabeth's great great great Grandad, a shaving kit that was used in WW1 and a cigarette case that Elizabeth's Grandad stopped to pick up (strictly against orders) when he was running away from the enemy.  


Visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Some of our year six children visited the air raid shelters.  

Opened in 1939, the shelters were the largest purpose-built civilian air raid shelters in the country.

They were originally designed to provide shelter for up to 3,850 people. Due to demand they were extended to accommodate as many as 6,500 during the second world war.

The tunnels are nearly a mile long and during the Blitz they provided shelter and a way of life for families in and around Stockport.  We thought that being in the air raid shelters might be busy, noisy, damp and even a bit smelly and we could understand why familiies might have taken the difficult decision to evacuate their children - something that happened to quite a few of our Cavendish children at the time. 



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