Creating Brilliant Historians

Mrs Day is the subject leader and champion for HISTORY. 


The history curriculum is carefully mapped out so that all pupils leave Cavendish equipped with an understanding of the past that paves the way for their future offered through a progressive, enquiry-based framework.  Throughout their journey in history, pupils will acquire a breadth of knowledge of places and people, and significant events through time. Pupils will be given the opportunity to develop their ability to ask perceptive questions, think critically, analyse evidence, examine arguments, develop judgement, and understand differing perspectives.


Through our teaching of history we aim to:

  • Fire children’s interest and understanding about people who lived in the past in Britain and the wider world and leave them wanting to find out more by providing quality first teaching.
  • Encourage thinking about how the past influences the present
  • Help children understand society and their place within their community and the world, so they develop a sense of cultural heritage and brilliant citizenship.
  • Develop pupils’ thinking skills through active learning to engender a love of history.


National Curriculum

EYFS curriculum.png

The Cavendish history curriculum offers pupils a knowledge-rich sequence of learning that meets the National Curriculum’s requirements and suggestions. The history curriculum encourages depth and breadth with its units, challenging pupils to become historians of the world.

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Disciplinary Concepts

History involves developing familiarity with the procedural concepts that shape the way in which content is understood, organised and debated, as well as the ways in which it is actually generated. 

At Cavendish, these are the disciplinary concepts which thread through the units in the history curriculum from EYFS up to year 6.

  • DC1 Cause and consequence
  • DC2 Continuity and change
  • DC3 Similarity and difference
  • DC4 Significance
  • DC5 Evidence
  • DC6 Interpretation

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Experiences in HISTORY...






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