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Online safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Cavendish Community Primary School. We ackknowledge that technology plays a crucial part in today's world, even more so for our children and their futures as BRILLIANT CITIZENS, which we want to educate and equip them in preparation for. 

Online Safety is taught to all pupils through our PSHE and computing curriculum, which empowers children to understand and be aware of how they can stay safe and behave according to our school values online.


The Cavendish Safety Protectors believe we should 

Be KIND to others when online

Use the internet to POSITIVELY learn or play

Always show RESPECT

Use COURAGE to speak out

Take RESPONSIBILITY for our actions

Remember we are all different and deserve to be treated fairly: EQUALITY


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We use the Project Evolve Online Safety Curriculum for a half termly assembly and follow up session, as well as Internet Safety Day and our Wellbeing Week...

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Advice for staying safe online for children


Talk to a trusted adult, for example your parent or carer, teacher or adult at school, other family member or another adult that looks after you. To get the help you need, you need to share your worries. 

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Further resources and links to other websites...

To talk to someone contact ChildLine, no problem is too big or small...


You can get lots of ideas for what to do and how best to keep safe online using THINKUKNOW...


If you are worried about something you have seen or something that has happened online, then you can report it to...


Cavendish Road,
West Didsbury,
Manchester M20 1JG
Mrs Taylor: Headteacher
Miss Evans: Deputy Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Hookes: Inclusion lead & SENDCO for years 1-4
Mrs Carroll: Inclusion lead & SENDCO for years 5-6
All available via the school email & telephone number